Why is Telehealth Suddenly so Important in our Healthcare System?

telehealth Mar 11, 2021

Is the general health of the population being neglected due to the current pandemic? The number of people going to A&E has dropped dramatically in England (it is down more than 20%), prompting concerns that the seriously ill may be staying away because of the Coronavirus crisis. While our NHS must focus on the current pandemic crisis, millions of people suffer in silence at home. They feel too scared to go to A&E for fear of catching the Coronavirus and don’t want to put more strain on the NHS by “burdening” them with their health problems; this feels insignificant compared to those struggling for life.

However, the government is crying out for people to access a health care professional if they need it. So what solutions are available right now? Telehealth is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. Its potential to significantly impact our current healthcare system’s most challenging problems is vast, allowing for improved health outcomes for everybody; in cost-effective ways. 


So, what are we doing to help you? 

The answer is online physiotherapy consultations! We are proud to offer new and existing patients the opportunity to be rehabilitated in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This may be a relatively new concept to some of you reading this. Please don’t worry if so. Although we realise the title physical therapist or physiotherapist incites the idea of a physical assessment and physical treatment, we can assure you that this remote approach will still lead to the same great results of a physical session.  

What can you expect from an online physio consultation? 

People traditionally think of physio as a very hands-on profession, when a lot of it is to do with matching symptoms with the right diagnosis, leading to a rehabilitation plan that can be conveyed through exercise programs. Sessions will be available to book online, and once booked into a clinician’s diary, you'll receive an email with some information regarding the appointment. At the scheduled time, the physiotherapist will video call you. Don't worry, we have the technical bit in hand. 

The session will begin with us taking your medical history and may include physical assessments performed by yourself under the physiotherapist’s guidance. Once a diagnosis has been established, a tailored self-management plan will be emailed over to you. The physiotherapist will go through the advice given & assist you in the completion of your exercises. Any subsequent follow-ups will follow a similar pattern until you're fully recovered.  


Frequently Asked Questions  

How will the physiotherapist know what is wrong with me?  

With our years of clinical experience and clinical reasoning, we can use the information you've provided to reach a diagnosis. This is how it works even during a physical session. The majority of the information we use is from what you say, not what you do or what we feel.  

How will these sessions help my injury?

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based practice, meaning that there's new evidence on what techniques to use. There is already a wealth of evidence to support telehealth services’ efficacy. Exercises are essential to the recovery of any injury. We also believe that this approach empowers you as the patient.  

Will I need specialised equipment and what will I need to wear?  

You won't need any specialist equipment as we will tailor the exercise plan based on what you have available at home. All you will need is a smartphone with a front camera. Ideally, you need to wear something flexible & lightweight to allow the therapist to view the area in question. 

Call us on 01553 392032 to book your appointment.


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