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Just completed Rebuild your pelvic floor and core 6 week course. I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing issues in this area. Esther has armed me with the knowledge of Why my pelvic floor is so weak and given me lots of tools to improve it. I'm so pleased I took the plunge and did something for me. I'm not a lover of exercise or working out, but the exercises on this course we're perfect for me, well instructed and easy to do. Esther is very supportive and an excellent trainer. Thank you for giving me the insight and tools to improve my pelvic floor.

Hayley Louise

As a competitive swimmer my 14 year old son has suffered his first injury, and a visit to our Gp at the recommendation of his coach was a complete waste of time. Esther was very thorough in identifying the underlying cause of the injury and has been worth every penny in working with my son to rectify it. Within 3 weeks of weekly sessions, the pain is subsiding markedly.

Fantastic service and highly recommended.

Emily Barber

I’ve used Esther for the last 6 Years whenever an issue has arisen. I’ve seen her for hips/ back / shoulder and neck pain and she’s always done a fantastic job of sorting me out! Her approach is relaxed and I am always made to feel at ease when having treatment. She has always advised me to do exercises to support my recovery which I have found to be manageable and realistic.

I would definitely recommend Esther for her wonderful physio magic that gets me functioning again!

Becky Fenton-Ree

I just had my first tele appointment with Esther and it was awesome. I learned, laughed and loved the whole experience. Although I am 5,000 miles away I felt very connected. Esther was encouraging,compassionate and knowledgeable.

Abby Ross

Just did the 6 week pelvic floor course it was brilliant and I really got a lot out of it! Esther was so informative and helpful would 100% recommend this course!

Emily Storey

Fantastic course - helped me a lot and I know it’s going to continue to help me. I will continue to do the exercises. Esther is a great teacher - the videos and instructions are made to be simple for us. Would highly recommend.

Jen Sunshine

Definitely recommend. A very professional sympathetic service. I now have complete mobility in my shoulder which I had thought was no longer possible. Many thanks!

Fantastic service and highly recommended.

Janeen Brendlor

Completed a 6 week online course, cannot recommend this lady enough! Full support and tutorial videos. Most importantly RESULTS! Thank you

Emily Jane

Highly recommend! Completed the 6 week pelvic floor course and have seen remarkable results. Improved posture and no leakage on a run; making exercise so much more enjoyable. Thank you Esther for your help and motivation!

Natalie Kingdon