Running after prolapse…... can we, can’t we?

pelvic prolapse Nov 04, 2021

Running after prolapse…can we, can’t we?

Why is it that women never talk about their vaginas unless there is something wrong with them? I am not for one minute suggesting we all need to be discussing them over coffee and cake, but why are our “lady parts”, as we often refer to them, such a taboo?

At different stages of our lives, many women encounter pelvic health...

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“Is there a happy life after prolapse?".

pelvic prolapse Sep 15, 2021

There is a question that I get asked a lot. It’s not a particularly pleasant question, but it is one that everyone should know the answer to. It’s also a question that many people don’t ask because they are scared to hear the answer. But it’s time we spoke about taboo subjects more; it’s time to stop them from being taboo!

The question I get asked is,...

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